Qun Huang Education Fund

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Qun Huang Education Fund
Ms. Qun Huang suffered brain injury after delivery in 1997 and passed away in 2002. She gave all her loves to the people around her and left some wishes to be filled by those who love her. As friends and family members, we set up this education fund in memory of Ms.
Qun Huang.
This fund is to be used solely as a scholarship awarded to the selected student at
China Civil Railway Engineering  Groud First Middle/High School (TYZ),Chengdu, China.
The purpose of this found is to encourage students to face the challenges of life with courage and confidence, and to honor their academic achievements.
Duty of the Board
The board is responsible to raise and to manage the fund. The board also sets up the guideline for selecting qualified students and makes the final decision on the recipients.
Board Members
Daniel Xu, Chairman
Manager at MET, Inc., Milford, Massachusetts
Qun's Husband and Classmate in 1973-1978 (Chairman)
jianming She, Vice Chairman
Chief Scientist at ISI, Vienna, Virginia
Qun's Classmate in 1977-1978
Ann Hu, Treasurer
Research Scientist at Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc., RTP, North Carolina
Qun's Classmate in 1972-1978
Xueyao Huang
Retired manager. Qun's father
Jeffrey J. Wang
Doctor Engineer (Dr.-Ing.) at Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart. Germany
Qun's Classmate in 1972-1978
Yinyin Huang
Senior Scientist at Genzyme Corp, Framingham, Massachusetts
Former Principle of Newton Chinese Language School
Family friend
Local Scholarship Committee
The committee consists of five teachers and the principals of the school(TYZ).
The committee is responsible for evaluating all applications for the scholarship and selecting six as candidates, from those the board will vote on for the recipients.

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